M101 from light polluted location - thank god for automation

Needed 28 hours imaging time to get enough signal from downtown San Jose. Just the thought of doing this manually every night …


Thanks guys!

Very good core details Mark.

Do you mind me asking about your workflow - did you use Dark Structure Enhancement or HDRWavelets to bring it out?


Not as much detail here as in Mark’s shot - still a long way to go. This is 5.5 hours of data…just done this week in southeast Spain. (Constructive comments welcome - although I have been trying to bring out the Ha data I am still not very happy with the overall colour. This is 4 each 900sec LRGBHa plus another 1800 sec Ha thrown in…I was checking my guiding for that last one).

Like you Mark - without SGP I’d still be struggling :slight_smile:

Pinwheel Galaxy  - M101  in LRGBHa (Total 5.5 hours of data).

Link to Flickr page: https://www.flickr.com/photos/kinch-astro/13967911887/

Hi Barry,

I used the workflow from Manfred Schwarz on how to process galaxy images
I’m Pixinsight. It uses DarkStructureEnhancement. But there seems to be a
bug as it does not work (anymore) when the image has a mask. Which made the
effect REALLY strong.