M42 The Great Orion nebula

Imaged over a number of sessions January through to February from the cloudy and wet UK.

T: William Optics ZS66SD + Type II reducer
C: Atik 460EX
F: Baader Ha,RGB
M: NEQ6Pro (belt driven)
G: SX Lodestar + SX OAG
Capture: Sequence Generator Pro
Process: PI & CC2015

Total integration 18 hours

RGB image with a high pass filtered Ha image overlayed as luminosity.



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Very nice Mick! I like your subtle processing.

Beautiful Mick! I love it!

Despite M42 being one of the most photographed target, I still love seeing them. It is a challenge to process and everyone has their own signature looks. I like this one because it is subtle, a little muted and even has a bit of a “haunted” feel (if there is such a thing in AP). Sometimes this is the best way to really show the details of your image. Really nice work Mick.