M81 Bode Galaxy

This photo is made from the Paolo Zampolini and Giorgio Mazzacurati’s 3z observatory.

Location: Manciano (GR), Italy
Dome: Scopedome 3m
Telescope: RC8 GSO with 0.67 Reducer
Mount: NEQ6PRO
CCD: Atik 383l+
Guide: Lodestar on OAG 9m TS
Filter: Baader LRGB
Obviously sequence managed by SGP version 3 software

Exposure Time:

  • L 26x900s bin 1
  • R 41x450s bin 2
  • G 25x450s bin 2
  • B 45x450s bin 2
    for 20h total integration.

We used bias, flat e dark and we processed it with Pixinsight.