Main Window Resize From RDP

Short of shutting down a running instance of SGP how does one resize the SGP main window from a remote machine after an RDP machine has rebooted?

I’m not sure I undertand this question? Did the window disappear or something?

No. When I log back in to the remote machine the Main Window is locked in size and cannot be adjusted until I shut down the SGP and restart it. I lose access to the metric windows I have laid out e.g. camera temperature.

Oh, that’s weird. You’re saying that the maximize window button no longer works or you can’t drag the window edges or both?

I’ve seen something similar to what I believe he’s reporting. In my case, it has happened when I’m logged into the telescope computer (Windows 11 Pro) via RDP from my desktop inside, which has a 27" 2560x1440 monitor with Windows 11 (Home). Then go outside and switch to a laptop, usually an old Macbook (2011) with a 1280x800 screen and RDP in from that. I’ve also seen it happen with a Windows 11 laptop that has a 1366x768 screen. When I go back inside and switch back to the desktop, I find that the SGP window is locked at the size/layout that I saw on the smaller resolution laptop screen. The maximize button on SGP’s window doesn’t make any difference. It appears that it thinks it is already maximized and somehow “remembers” what the laptop’s RDP session looked like. Switching out of the maximized window I thought maybe I could drag the window bigger, but no dice. I can shrink the window, but it only ever gets as big as what was on that laptop RDP session. Dropping the RDP session and/or rebooting the desktop computer doesn’t help. Only solution I’ve seen is to exit SGP and restart it (no reboot of the telescope computer necessary though).

Naturally, this isn’t 100% reproducible. I’ve done exactly the same thing and when going back to the desktop inside the SGP main window resizes just fine. Probably a third of the time I do a switch like this it happens and I haven’t been able to figure out a way to consistently force it to happen.


@dhickey Were you the one that reported that the overlay for dragging chain solver components is displaced? I’m wondering if it’s related… like, the RDP app is expecting a click in some distant, offset location. I need to wrack my brain over this, because, as of this very moment, I’m not even sure how to approach it. We certainly have access to RDP and have certainly tried (not this specific issue, but for the drag and drop overlay, but to no avail). Hmmm…

Not that I recall.