Make the SequencerPanel Window Sizable


many thanks for the update with the newer style. I like this. If you are anyway changing style, there is a wish from my side in terms of usability:

Please make the Sequencer Panel Window sizable. at least in height. Actually you have fixed sizes. If (like me) using LRGB and NB Filters for one object, you have to scroll all the times between the entries. With an PC with mouse now problem. I’m often using a tablet changing things in the field. There mouse behaviors is quit difficult (especially if you have cold hands). If the window would be sizable, I can adjust it to the size needed before and i don’t have to scroll outdoors.

Many thanks


Width would be harder, but we can look into horizontal sizing.

Hello Ken,

thanks for taking that into account.


Hi ! And if I may : it would be nice if the target panel in the sequence window could be resized in height automatically if you’ve got too many targets, which is sometimes my case on one night…