Managing events for mosaics

When setting up for a mosaic - there are multiple tiles, which are handled as targets in SGP.

Each one of these gets their own event list for populating filters and actions etc.

But since this is a mosaic… it’s quite likely each one of these is the same. And it’s quite painful and time consuming to duplicate the events across all the targets for multiple narrow band filters etc.

Is there any technique or feature I’m missing for managing and keeping these target event actions sync’d/duplicated - both just after mosaic wizard based creation or later on as the plan is edited?

Hi Jason,

After entering the events for the first target, right click on it in the target list and select “Copy Events to …”.

This should do it.

Kind regards,

Is there anyway to efficiently resynchronize without deleting entries ntiles x nevents times, and using copy-to/from again (ntiles times)?

I would suggest, you first try the “Copy Events to …” function.

@horia - ok I did that and it has times where it is fine. But it looks like as a side effect, it nukes the destination progress… which isn’t great by any means. So you can’t update once you start, and that’s inflexible - say I wanted to bump the exposure time or increase frame counts across all panels of the mosaic. Or add in another event - these are real everyday things for me.

Another thing I am trying to achieve, since I’m using a hyperstar with manual slider that requires the scope pointed flat to access, is to do all mosaic entries then change the filter/event and move on to achieve a low filter changing frequency. Near as I can tell, the only way I can do this is by disabling the run for each filter on every event. To do this efficiently I can lean on copy events to, but again, once I start, I can’t do that again without wiping out progress. Maybe there’s an easier way? This is a real PITA though if I can’t do - hyperstars are great for mosaics from what I can tell but the filter changes are a limiting factor.

Also wow, events copy sure takes a long time to process in, SGP, well into 30+ seconds for 9 panels. Long time to open too… what’s up with this?

Not sure… I see it too. It’s on the list to look at.