Manually invoke Meridian Flip

I use an AP-1600 mount and want to invoke Meridian flips manually at a time of my choosing.
Is there a way to accomplish this? Or are all Meridian flips executed automatically?
I do NOT want to execute a Meridian Flip using APCC Pro (button).
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Useful Info
During imaging sessions SGP is connected to APCC Pro.
Windows11 Pro
The latest version but not Beta

Unfortunately, this is not a universally supported feature in mounts (meaning, outside of SGPro probably over half of all mounts do not allow flips on demand). As such SGPro has never implemented the ability to do so. I cannot remember which camp AP falls into, but a lot of mounts execute flips with just the normal slew command. In other words:

> slew to current position
> if past meridian, slew to position on other side

As of this moment, all flips are executed automatically based on user-defined settings that may allow for early or late flips.

Okay thanks!