Maridian Filp settings for A CEM70EC and SGP 3

I’m looking for help with the Meridian flip settings that folks are using with a CEM70 and SGP 3… Looking for good reference points to start with. Thank you for any help.

A lot is going to depend on what you have on top of your mount. I generally do the following to figure out my limits:

  1. put everything on the mount like it will be when I’m imaging.
  2. make sure date/time/location is correct in SGP and the mount.
  3. Start slewing the scope over to the west side of the mount with the scope pointing to the sky
  4. Move the scope/camera as close to the pier/tripod as you’re comfortable with. This is what you want to set as your limit in the iOptron Ascom limit.

As far as SGP is concerned…I personally just flip at or close to the meridian. I have my Minutes Past Meridian to Flip set at 0. So once the scope has passed the meridian and the image is done then it will flip. This also assumes that you can track for whatever your “longest image time” is past the meridian. So if you take 20 minute images then you’ll need to be able to track a minimum of 20 minutes (5 degrees) past the meridian.


Can’t thank you enough for the information. One question I have is actually entering the limits into the CEM70 mount. I can see set altitude limits -89 to +89 or the default is 00
Then I see a CW up position. I’m just not sure where to enter the information?

Basically you want to use the “Stop at Designated position” for the Meridian Behavior and the ____ Degree(s) Past Meridian is whatever your max position is above.

You do NOT want to “Flip at Designated Position”. SGP needs to control that for the automation to work.


Perfect!!! Thank you