Max FoV for Framing and Mosaic wizard

Seems that there’s an upper limit on FoV. I cannot set it beyond 20 degrees. My use case was to get a 30 degree FoV for IC-1318…


This seems to be true. There is no advertised FoV limit, but use has shown that it will stop returning images if it gets too high.


I have just come across this problem myself. I, too, need to do a mosaic much greater than 20 degrees. It’s one of the main reasons I purchased SGP to be able to create “panoramas” using the framing and mosaic wizard.

Is this limit likely to be increased any time soon ?


No, SGP doesn’t technically have a limit, but the 3rd party service will eventually stop returning images at wide FOVs. It may be possible to fetch ever increasing sized images as the server appears to cache them, but they can take a long time to return.


Hi Jared. Thanks for the reply, My two copies of SGP do indeed have a programmed hard limit of 20.000 degrees which is most frustrating. Am I doing something wrong or is there another way ? The project I am currently planning from the witches head to the cone nebula requires almost 40 degrees - 8 images with a 120mm lens on my ASI1600. I regularly do manual panoramas / mosaics over 20 degrees. Thanks