Maybe a bug? Abrupt ending of sequence in


I recently set up my new mini PC for managing my scope and equipment and installed on it to use. On my current target, and the previous one, I’ve noticed that the sequence will just ends w/o triggering the Recovery Mode when I have it set. I snagged the log file from last night’s session as the event happened around 1:04 AM local time. It seems that is just notified me that the guide star was lost, but it didn’t trigger recovery nor did it trigger to moving to the next sequence and so it instead parked and started the close out steps. Any idea what might have happened? Was it just a fluke with the version? Maybe some checkbox I missed along the way? I also installed LogViewer to make heads and tails of the log file, but nothing fishy seems to be showing in it either.

Link to logfile: Dropbox - sg_logfile_20201206154544.log - Simplify your life

The bug here seems to be that SGPro did not report the actual error which was a failure to meridian flip. The loss of guide star was just a symptom of the former. At this moment, a failure to meridian flip is an unrecoverable error. I’ll take a look at the error reporting here.

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Hi @Ken! Thanks for following up. I’ve everything configured correctly based on the guidance between SGP and EQMOD. Any idea what might have been the cause? This is the 3rd time it’s done this, but night before last the flip happened just fine. I only recently started using the new mini PC last week.


While waiting to flip (because SGPro could not fit another frame in before meridian), your mount stopped tracking. For safety reasons, SGPro will not move from a non-tracking state or park state to a tracking state without explicit user permission. My guess is that your ASCOM driver tries to protect the mount by issuing a command to stop tracking. You’ll need to find this setting / value in the ASCOM driver and make it more tolerant of the approaching meridian. If you can prevent your mount from protecting itself too early, SGPro will start the flip as expected.

Hahahaha, your response beat me to the fact I was going to say I did some testing and found what happened. The Enable Limits somehow got checked again when I was going through the set up process. That was the nasty culprit it seems.