Meridan flip awarness re external programs

Hi Guys,

Here is a request for consideration in your backlog. Will there ever be a day when SGP can request or accept a request from an external program to 1) pause for a Merdian flip and await its success or timeout and/or 2) skip to a new imaging target it has a plan defined for if it sees the scopes RA /dec has changed significantly (so detect hey large movement in coord - plate solve and link that to an agreed plan for the new target)?

My use case is likely not the norm for two many folk - I run multiple scopes with several control programs (two at present). APT controls my mono camera, focuser and filter wheel whilst SGP controls my colour camera and its focuser.

I would like either program to be able to say hey in the next 5 - 15 minutes I want to do and Meridan flip - so tell the other to pause imaging - tell Open PHD to stop guiding - do the flip - do a platesolve and recentre and then restart guiding (PHD is configured to guide either side of the meridan - so it doesn’t need recalibration on any new target) - then tell external program/s right we completed the Meridan flip go back to imaging your target and/or hey stop imaging say NGC 6334 - we are on NGC 7293 - switch to that plan now!

One would need a bit of agreement to the who can issue a request to stop imaging - who has precedence defined to accept or reject it - and the ability to detect a target shift (via platesolve - so switch to a new define plan) etc. But boy it would be an incredibly useful capability to have.

Curious if the developers think this might ever be an option or not!

Thanks, Matthew

Maybe? We definitely wouldn’t say no to a thing like this, but with our limited resources, we tend to pay pretty close attention to the needs of the masses. That said, it’s definitely good to post stuff like this so that the community can geta look at and help us understand different general popularity. We don’t always implement based on popularity tho.