Meridian "Dead Zone"

Because I’m using a tripod, there is an area in the sky where my scope can’t slew to without hitting the tripod. Is there a way to set meridian limits, so that SGP will stop the scope from tracking, wait until the object that it was pointed to comes out of the “dead zone” on the other side and then does a meridian flip and continues tracking and imaging?


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What I do is create 2 targets for the object - one for before the meridian and the second for post-meridian - separated by a 3rd dummy target in a safe zone of the sky where there is no risk of collision. I work out in advance what my meridian limits are and use the planning tools to set the end time for the AM target and the start time of the PM target, and these are then respectively the start and end times of the dummy target. So SGP images the AM target until x minutes before the meridian, stops and slews off to the dummy target for, typically in my case around 40 minutes, and then slews back to the primary object to begin the PM target. Not very elegant but it is effective. If you’re imaging over multiple nights then the times have to be adjusted each night of course.

There is already a thread discussing this feature request:

Add a “me too” to it, if you wish.