Meridian Flip Failed at first step

I have successfully performed meridian flips before but last night it failed at the first step in the process.

The log is full of lines like this:

[10/23/17 19:04:16.922][DEBUG] [CP Update Thread] Caught exception in CanPierFlipNow : Object reference not set to an instance of an p8.ku()

What does this mean?


We’ll need logs to take a look. Please see here:



Thanks for the response and the link to the thread. I was imaging NCG7380 and the flip should have occurred around 22:32 hrs. on 1023/17 Section in the log starts around here [10/23/17 22:32:08.308]

Link to the log is here:

The sequence has changed slightly but I am including anyway just in case.

Physically the mount did not flip. It looks like it was trying to plate solve before the flip but failed? However it centered on the target with no problem before the sequence started and when I flipped the mount myself and then restarted the sequence.

  1. Started sequence which center on target
  2. Sequence progressed until message came up the sub was too long and thus paused waiting for flip
  3. Flip dialogue came up but failed on solve.
  4. I used Skytools to point to target which caused it to flip.
    5 Restarted sequence which center and then acquired subs until it completed and parked the scope.