Meridian Flip Failed - Beta

Meridian flip failed. Log says user aborted but I was asleep and did not abort it. The log seems to indicate that the flip was successful followed by a successful recenter. The scope and dome were parked (as expected after a sequence failure) this morning so I can’t really way where they were pointing when the sequence aborted.

I’ve had many successful automatic meridian flips before, but this is my first run with this beta.

Link to Logs
Sequence File:

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OS: MS WIndows 10 Pro v10.0.19042 build 19042

I am unable to produce this issue in testing. This almost always means that it a timing issue. That said, I think I do know why it’s happening, but, obviously, I am not able to determine if it will solve your issue. Next beta is coming soon.

OK. Thanks, Ken. I’ll try again tonight and I’ll set an alarm so I can get up and watch it flip!

  • Shane

Mine did the same thing. Sequence stopped and the system shut down after a failed meridian flip. The log says it was user aborted but I was in bed at the time.


Please give beta 704 a shot

Will do. Meridian flip will be in about 7 1/2 hours. I’ll post with success or failure!

  • Shane

Success. Everything seems fine. It actually flipped a couple of minutes before I got out there to check on it. The sequence is still running and looks good.
Thanks for the quick response, Ken.

  • Shane
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