Meridian Flip Failed - Pier Side Did Not Change?


In addition to the strange plate solving issue I had last night, there was also a strange meridian flip failure in the early morning hours. This does not appear to be related to plate solving as that worked successfully. Here is the log file:

SGP Log File

You can see the meridian flip error messages at around the 4:00 a.m. time. This caused a shutdown. It seems that after the slew there was a report that the mount was still on the same side of the pier. I would appreciate you looking into this. This was my only meridian flip during the whole night. Luckily it occurred later in the night, otherwise I would have lost even more imaging time.

Thank you.


I was unable to replicate this error. My sequence ran without incident last night. I also did a daytime test yesterday by imaging with a meridian flip, although I had to turn off guiding and plate solving to run the test, and all was well. I’m going to assume this was a one-off error that could well have involved my mount driver. If this happens again, I’ll post about it.