Meridian Flip fails with 10Micron mount


I recently bought a 10Micron mount (GM1000HPS). Overall, it works really well - except that I can’t get meridian flips to work. I read through a thread on this forum, but also on the 10Micron forum.And I used exactly those settings: But it always fails.

There is an error popup on the screen:

And here is the log file:
(check at 22:24h)

Because of my long TOA-130 scope and the Aries tripod, I have to do my meridian flip at -10 minutes.

Thanks for any ideas!!!


And what exactly are those settings you used? i found several settings recommended by people.
You might want to switch to the original 10 Micron driver, after a lot of changes it’s better than the frejvall driver

Sorry, here are all the details:

  • I am using Firmware 2.15.1
    Mount settings:
  • Flip Slew Tolerance is 3 degrees
  • Flip Guide Tolerance is 5 degrees

SGPro settings:

  • yes, wait for meridian is checked
  • unchecked “Allow external control of telescope”
  • I am using -10 for minutes past meridian flip

Don’t think you want “wait for meridian” because you are wanting to flip before the meridian.

So, what seems to have fixed it is to set the “Flip Slew Tolerance” to 4 degrees. Had 2 nights of successful meridian flips …