Meridian Flip Failure and Park Failure

My system has been working flawlessly for quite some time. It is a Paramount MX+ with SGP No troubles at all with meridian flips or parking.
Last night it got to the point for a flip, started the flip, plate solved correctly and then did not flip. The log says that the flip would have ended up on the same side. It properly aborted the sequence, issued a park command, which also failed. However, tracking was stopped so all was good.
I checked the times for the flip and they appear to be correct for the object. The clock on the PC is set correctly and I have not made any changes to SGP or any other software in a while.
Here is the link to my google drive with a directory that has the SGP log and .sgf file. The errors started around 02:17:00.

Any hints would be appreciated.
Tom C