Meridian Flip - No Image or Guider Pause?


My scope does flip but the sequence isn’t pausing? Last night it was half way through a 10m exposure when the telescope began to flip. Normally everything pauses - the scope flips - plate solving kicks in - the autoguider starts again and the exposures start again.

Needless to say everything got screwed up when nothing stopped for the flip. What would cause this?

This occurred around 11 PM in the log.

sg_logfile_20191005200748.txt (368.2 KB) sg_logfile_20191005204819.txt (613.8 KB)

It sounds like the flip was initiated by the scope and not SGP. You have to have the scope flip parameters set such that it flips only when commanded by SGP. That often means setting the scope flip to be a later time (after meridian) than the time in SGP. Or, setting the scope to no flip and setting a safety stop well after the meridian.


@DesertSky is correct. SGPro never initiated a meridian flip. It seems some other software initiated before the trigger time you set. This is the last check SGPro conducted:

[10-05-19 23:01:22.122][DEBUG] [Sequence Thread] Telescope is on the West side of the mount
[10-05-19 23:01:22.122][DEBUG] [Sequence Thread] Meridian Flip not needed, Hour Angle < Degrees Past To Flip: -1.34113333333335 < -0.5  

The next check shows that the mount is on the east.