Meridian flip not working

Hi all
I’m unable to get the meridian flip to work at all with SGP
I get to the flip time and it starts to go through the Flip sequence. ie; STEP 1 - solve and sink, STEP 2 stop auto guide, STEP 3 Perform slew… then will not slew the telescope and come up with the message "ERROR - TELESCOPE FAILED TO PERFORM MERIDIAN FLIP:
I have tried everything I can think of to fix this, latest software install etc.
I have a Skywatcher EQ6 PRO running with SYNSCAN and ASCOM Drivers all the latest software installed.
Any help would be great


Can you send us logs showing the failed flip? We can take a look. Info on how to get logs here:

Thanks Ken I’ve sent a link via Dropbox let me know if you do not get it

To where did you send it?

Didi you not get a dropbox link?

I thought I replied to this address

No sorry, I don’t have anything from you.

Try This

(Attachment sg_logfile_20191101022551.txt is missing)

No, sorry, it says that file is missing. Responding in email is probably not your friend here. Try to access the forum directly.