Meridian Flip Options

The automated meridian flip option is a great feature of SGP. I am an SGP user with a long focal length imaging system with a large central obstruction, an OAG and a rotator. A successful meridian flip is a complicated process. I would like to see the Meridian Flip Options dialog box contain controls that address all aspects of making a meridian flip collected in one place.

The inertial loads generated by the meridian flip and the weight of the mirror in my system tend to cause loss of focus during a meridian flip. Also, the small FOV usually means I have one (and only one) usable guide star on the guiding chip, so a 180 degree rotation of the camera is a must.

These issues would be nicely addressed by adding two controls to the Meridian Flip Options dialog box to allow the user to enable camera rotation and auto focusing as part of the meridian flip. To illustrate, I pulled out my old copy of Visual C++ and did a mock up of a Meridian Flip Options dialog box with the new options:

This seems like a modification that fits right in with the work being done for v2.5.