Meridian Flip Question with Synta Mount

I am using the umbiquitous SynScan HEQ5-Pro Mount, aka Orion Sirius or SkyWatcher HEQ5-Pro. I have found that this mount responds to SGP extremely well.
The later firmware revisions (in my case, SynScan Version 3.36) offers Flipping Modes of: Auto Flip, Flip (Manual by hitting the Enter key on the Hand Controller), and No Flip.
If I am to use SGP for a Meridian Flip, should I disable (Select “No Flip”) on the hand controller in order to let SGP take control of the mount?
What would you suggest (check which boxes) for the Meridian Flip Options in SGP.
Is the Mount Settling Time crucial? I mostly use my 80mm f/l, 500mm apo scope.

Note: My observatory is of the wandering nomad. I have to take it outside and setup each time for imaging.

I also use an HEQ5. Since you are already using a laptop for SGP, why wouldn’t you use the free EQMOD program to control your mount instead of the hand controller? I found it much easier. However, since I don’t use the handheld I hesitate to recommend its settings. I do recommend that you check out EQMOD.

Thanks Tim,

I have used EQMOD but I found the Hand Controller just as easy. To me it’s
just another piece of software out of the equation.

All I need to know is what would be the recommended settings in SGP on doing
a Meridian Flip with the HEQ5 Pro mount.

Under Tools select Equipment Profile Manager. Pick the profile(s) that you want to utilize when you do meridian flips. Under Telescope tick “Use Auto Meridian Flip”. Give the mount some time to settle - say between 10 seconds and 30 seconds - depending on your conditions. Then click the set button next to “Use Auto meridian Flip”. I allow a couple of degrees past the meridian before a flip so I set this at 2. The only other thing I do on this page is tick “auto center after meridian flip” These are the only changes I make to SGP and I haven’t had any problems with SGP controlling meridian flips.

In PHD2 click on the BRAIN and then under MOUNT - DO NOT tick the “reverse dec output after meridian flip”. This is handled by SGP. However, tick the “stop guiding when mount slews”

I hesitate to comment on the Hand Controller because I don’t use it. Hope this helps and let me know if you have any other questions.

Thanks Tim

I’ll try this next time…Clear Skies.

Hi @Randallk

I use an eq6 with the handcontroller but with very old and not updated firmware. The flip for me is a bit hit and miss - more miss than hit but when it works it’s brilliant!

Use the settings in sgp that Tim suggests. Re the hand controller I’d be tempted to select no flip first (although this is just my best guess). I have a feeling that my mount won’t slew when told by sgp as the controller doesn’t think a flip is needed. I could be wrong. I’ve tried changing the settings in sgp about when to flip (in degree past meridian)and haven’t found this to solve the problem - sometimes it just doesn’t work!

A couple of things I have learned - always check the mount around the flip so you’re on hand if it doesn’t work and you won’t get a crash (!). And if the mount won’t slew you can try slewing to the target with the handset. This will usually flip the mount although sometimes the sgp platesolve will then unflip it (aaaarghh!!!).

I don’t have any flip options on my hand control so I’d be interested to know how you get on - may even update !

Hope all does well!

Thanks Tim,

Yes, it’s a matter of the left hand not knowing what the right hand is doing
when it comes to using the SynScan Meridian Flip options of Auto Flip,
Manual Flip or No Flip and SGP’s Telescope commands.

I’m kind of leaning the way you mentioned. That is, on the SynScan hand
controller, to select NO FLIP, and do everything through SGP’s Meridian Flip
commands. In SGP’s Meridian Flip Options,

I’m going to select 'Pause Before Meridian Flip" just to check on cables
before taking the plunge. SynScan versin 3.36 seems to be quite stable. I’ve
had GPS issues (I have the GPS SynScan Module)

with the latest version 3.37 so I reverted back to 3.36.