Meridian flip - SiTech and SGP - SGP Recovery options

Sorry to post yet another variation on the meridian flip question.
I use a Mesu 200 with SiTech II and Sequence Generator Pro 4.
I post this question both in the SiTech and the SGP forum.

I normally have the “Autoflip on SLEW” set in SiTech, and the “Autoflip on TRACK” set in SGP (and not in SiTech).
This works fine.
(Reminder to all and to self: Never set Autoflip in both your imaging program and in SiTech.)

In SGP there are a couple of interesting functionalities that I would like to activate:
(1) After UNSAFE conditions, Restart sequence when SAFE.

  • This essentially parks my scope and closes my dome when the weather is UNSAFE (clouds, rain, …), but it does not warm up my camera. The sequence is supposed to restart (unpark, open dome, slew, plate solve, …), when the clouds go way (e.g.), i.e. when the AAG Cloudwatcher safety device reports that conditions are SAFE.
    (2) There is also a RECOVERY option in SGP. This covers the case when the guider loses the guide star, for instance.
  • In that case SGP intends to pick up the session upon recovering guide star(s).

So far so good.

The question I have is the following:
When SGP recovers a sequence, will it keep tracking and flip when the meridian is reached?
Or might the scope/image train hit the pier?

Should I deactivate Autoflip on TRACK in SGP, and rather activate it in SiTech?
What is the upside/downside of either option?

Your input would be greatly appreciated.

If the scope passes the meridian whilst recovering, it will perform a “blind flip” and continue recovery on the other side.

Thank you, Ken.

I have now activated RECOVERY and RESUME ON SAFETY options.

  • RESUME ON SAFETY works a charm.
  • I have not experienced RECOVERY conditions yet, but I take your word for it.