Meridian Flip Test

I am attempting to set slew limits and setup auto meridian flip. Is there a way that I can test it using a simulation?

In other words I have my mount set up indoors and have already set up limits in EQMOD and have setup the Auto Flip setting in SGP. I want to do a test run to see if I got it right.

Thank you.

I’m running:


I would think that if you select an object that is just east of the meridian (or wherever your flip point is), and let it run, it should go. I would hope so, anyway. That’s how I tested mine, though I was using the real driver and scope connection during daylight hours.

What software did you run for guiding and plate solving? Is that necessary, I may be overthinking it. Should I just pick a star using my hand controller that is near the meridian. But if I do that how do I incorporate SGP so that it does the flip? How do I know what object is ne’er the meridian?

I’m new sorry.

For just the flip test, you don’t need to guide or plate solve, though I use PHD2 and ASTAP respectively; just use your planetarium software (CPWI in my case) to pick an object that is just east of the meridian and track it.

You can test the auto flip in SGP but you’ll need to disable the options to auto center…basically you only want to slew for the flip if testing indoors. Then you’ll want to get the scope close to the flip location and then you can either start a sequence and let the sequence run the flip or you can just click the “Run” button in the Telescope CP to execute it manually: