Meridian Flip with EQMod succeeded (2nd night in a row)!


I just wanted to share my joy with all of you : for the second morning in a row, I open ferverishly my remote computer (my setup is at 2000km from my home) to see if the night went good and … YES !

It asked me 2 failures before getting everything OK (each time with some “direct testing”)… but then those 2 last nights were successfull ! The first night with only one target and the second night with several targets, with 2 of them requesting a flip during the run !.

For the records, my setup is made of an EQ8 and I run EQMod.

Thx to you for this great software, because except several little “nice to have”, it’s fully working for me, on a remote setup ! I enjoy just setting up the night sessions and then lauching the sequence and going to the restaurant, watching tv, going to sleep, etc ! and then just analysing the result in the morning (logs and fits).

I wish to all of you a very happy new year (full of fantastic shoots and maybe some nice discoveries !)

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