Meridian flip with Paramount MX+ and Skyguard

I’ve just started to use SGP with Skyguard from innovations foresight which has a REST API connection into SGP.

I use a Paramount MX+ mount however I’m unclear as to what settings I need to put into Skyguard to continue guiding after the meridian flip. Skyguard has three options for after flip do nothing, reverse RA and reverse both RA & DEC.

I think the key to understanding what I need to set is clarifying what does SGP does to the tracking after the flip?- does it do anything to reverse direction of the tracking or does it just carry on as it was before the flip.

I’m very new to SGP so it would be helpful to know where the settings are in the interface to manage the meridian flip- again this is unclear as I’ve only just started to look around the interface.

I also understand that the Bisque mounts if connecting through ASCOM may have special requirements in respect of axis direction management so its all a bit unclear. I think a fair bit of essential information is missed out of the Skyguard manual- as comprehensive as it is.

I’m using the lastest 32 bit vesrion of SGP and testing shows that it appears to work okay on the test computer allthough I’ve not yet, due to weather, tested the ASTAP plate solve but since ASTAP worked wth Voyager I’m not expecting any issues in that direction.

Any advice appreciated especially if you use a Paramount MX+ with SGP and Skyguard.

Thanks for any anticipated help.