Meridian Flips

Hi All,

I’ve been having some weird things happening on my meridian flips lately.

I have SGP set to flip at 12 minutes/3 degrees past the meridian and my iOptron 120EC set to flip at 10 degrees/40 minutes, deliberately so that SGP always flips first.

My flips used to work perfectly but I can’t remember the original settings I had before re-installing my system.

Can anyone advise what they are using in SGP and in their mount software.

Reason I ask is that sometimes it will pause and wait for a flip, complete the flip and then do it again to revert to the original position, so I am sure I have screwed something up, which is not unusual! :roll_eyes:

I have a CEM120. I set SGP to flip at 0 and CEM120 to flip at 5deg so that SGP always flips first.

So far no problems.

The only issue I have is sometimes I have to make sure that CEM120 has not (for some reason) reset to 0 deg. So I usually check the CEM120 software/mount to make sure before I start imaging.

Thanks, Much appreciated, will change to that and see how things go, CS