Meridian Operations

SGP currently offers the following meridian flip options:

For those of us that must mix some automated functions and some manual functions during a meridian flip, I would like to offer a suggestion to expand the options in this dialog box so that “all things meridian” are in a single location:

[ ] Wait For Meridian
[ ] Pause Before Meridian Flip
[ ] Rotate Camera 180 Degrees After Meridian Flip
[ ] Autofocus After Meridian Flip
[ ] Auto Center After Meridian Flip
…[ ] Pause Before Auto Center
…[ ] Pause After Auto Center
[ ] Pause Before Continuing

Those of us using manual focusing, manual rotation, moving counterweights, etc., would only check “Pause Before Meridian Flip” and “Pause Before Continuing.” This would allow us to be alerted that a meridian flip was about to occur. Then we would then let SGP do the meridian flip. After the flip was completed, SGP would pause again to allow all the manual stuff to get done before the final continue.

Even with fully automated equipment, I believe the flip, rotate, focus, center sequence is desirable.


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