MIni-PC and SGP

For those of you that use Mini-PC’s on your scope and a remote laptop, What is preferred, installing/running SGP from the remote laptop or installing/running on the Mini-PC. Right now I have SGP on the mini-PC and am using teamviewer to control my scope connected to the MIni-PC but the display that shows the Mini-PC screen is hard to see.

I run SGP on the mini PC and remote into it from a laptop (or my desktop when controlling things from home). I just use the built in Remote Desktop Connection and run it at full screen on my laptop. It’s basically like using the laptop. I ditched TeamViewer years ago and much prefer the built in Remote Desktop Connection (though I think that’s not available on Windows Home).



I use Microsoft remote desktop too. I have two piers going in the observatory. I am able to keep shortcut keys on the controlling laptop. That way I can put each pier’s mini-PC (and imaging setup) on a different task view (virtual desktop 1 and desktop 2) on the laptop. Then I easily switch between the two mini-PCs using laptop shortcut keys. The remote desktop client is full screen for both. It’s just like having a full display and keyboard attached to each mini-PC.

Jim -

Thanks for the advice, since windows 10 home edition didn’t support remote desktop, I’m in the process of upgrading to windows 11. I will leave SGP on my mini-pc and see how remote desktop pans out

We use Chrome Remote Desktop for this. It’s much faster than RDP.

I also run everything on an Intel NUC i7 with 16GB ram, I use Chrome Remote Desktop which works fantastic (if your system is connected to the Internet) - if you run an isolated network I like VNC.

Hi there. I use a NUC on the mount and RD in using either Chrome RD or Microsoft RD from a Chromebook which gives me better power hours or an iPad. Using pencils makes it easier.

Did you try to change screen resolution in TeamViewer.
I am using 1920x1080 and am about full screen on my main computer. SGP is running on my mini PC.

Yes I did, I recently found out it was teamviewer. I went to remote desktop and I do not have that problem.