Minimum exposure and methods of camera control - Lunar imaging

I attempted to grab some lunar shots last night and ran into an exposure problem.

I am using a SX-694 on a Skywatcher 190-MN /1000mm. The moon fills the frame.

Setting exposure to 0.00 I get a maximum ADU of around 4000, if I set the exposure time to 0.001 seconds (I believe the minimum exposure for ICX694 based cameras?) I get a blown out >65000adu image.

Does SGP handle 0.00s differently to 0.001s? Is the shutter controlled by SGP and not the camera and enough delay over USB2 to mean that 0.001s is actually a lot longer?

I am trying to understand the actual exposure time to decide which ND filter (suspect x64) that I need to make this work.

Firstly your CCD camera isn’t made for imaging the moon and SGP isn’t really made for it either, both are meant for deep sky astrophotography.
You might be better off trying something like Sharpcap, but it might not work well either since SX-694 isn’t made for short exposures.