Minor bug(?) in - Remaining Time

I usually have several targets in a sequence. Prior to beta the “Remaining Time” would only record those Targets that were active. If a target was unchecked the remaining time would not include that target.

With 289 if a non-active target has events that are active then those events count toward the remaining time, even though the target as a whole is not active.

Was this an intentional change or is this a bug?

The way you describe it, it seems like a bug. That said, I cannot reproduce. When I click the checkbox next to a target, the “Remaining:” field is adjusted accordingly. Is that what you are doing?

So I think the issue may have been related to targets/sequence that were created with an older version of SGP. Today I installed beta 289 and opened the old sequence. The targets in question just didn’t seem to play well and exhibited this behavior. So I ended up deleting and recreating the targets and now I can’t reproduce this issue either. So something was wacky with older sequences but all is good now.


Ok, thx for checking. If you still happen to have one of those sequences around, I can take a look at it.