Minor change request

I’ll just throw this open to any comments by other users too…

I would love to see a different colour change for the equipment connection buttons in the sequence window. Presently when, for example one clicks to connect the camera (and the connection is made) the button changes from Red to Grey (same colour as the settings button beside it).

I would really love to see something different and more eye-catching i.e. that when the connection is made the button colour changes to say Green. A quick glance at the screen makes it far more obvious what is connected - I just can’t get used to seeing the grey colour as telling me that the equipment is actually connected and under SGP control.



I agree with your sentiment. In addition, if you have a night vision (red) screen this makes viewing connected buttons difficult.

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That makes sense. Pretty easy programming change as well, I would expect.

Implemented in 2.4.2

Thanks Ken…much appreciated. …Just checked it out…looks great …to me anyway :slight_smile: