Minor ergonomic suggestions

Just a suggestion but it would be rather nice that clicking the sequencer or control menu button will alternatively open and close the dialog box. When you are balancing a laptop and fiddling with a trackpad, the less movements, the better.

Similarly with the focus tab’s ‘settings’ button.

It allows one to check things quickly with two button presses

To go to the full extent, on cramped laptop screens, the dialog boxes around the perimeter could be expanded or contracted the same way, rather like starry night pro does with its sidebar tabs.

I agree muchly. One click to rule them all, so to speak.

I assume by the last that you mean another menu button, maybe called “sidebars” - that would make all the sidbars come and go en-mass?

yes, that is one thought, or they have individual tabs that could toggle them out or not (like photoshop)

As I said, it is only a nice-to-have, not something as logically significant as the sequence start-up order.