Missing documentation

The FITS headers of all the images that are captured with SGP contain the FITS keyword ‘FLIPPED’. I am using a refractor and different cameras (Canon EOS 600D, ASI294MC and ASI071MC). In these configurations this keyword always has the value “F”. My images come out true-sided when viewed in PixInsight with the ‘Coordinate origin’ set to ‘Upper left corner (Up-botom)’.

I placed a question in the category ‘Sequence Generator’ (Question about FITS keyword ‘FLIPPED’) , but there was no response from the developers. So I put it again in this category, hoping for a reply.

Please, answer my question:

If I understand it right, the plate solving software is detecting whether the image is mirrored or not. SGP then creates the (non-standard) FITS keyword ‘FLIPPED’ and sets it to “T” if the image is mirrored, or to “F” if not. The image data are passed unaltered (as they come from the camera) by SGP.
Is this the correct interpretation?

Please incorporate the FITS keyword ‘FLIPPED’, which until now is not mentioned in the SGP documentation, into the SGP manual.