ModelCreator that does not work with SGPro on some computers

Hi everybody

I have a problem whose treatment is rather (I think) for Jared or Ken.

I installed ModelCreator which allows to realize pointing model for the 10Micron mount.

ModelCreator can work with MaximDL or with SGPro.

With SGPro, ModelCreator did not work on my first computer. I did tests on 4 computers (with SGPro or installed) to try to find the problem. Of the 4 computers, only 1 works with ModelCreator and SGPro.

I opened a discussion on the 10Micron forum and other astronomers have the same problem.

The developer of ModelCreator (Martin - asked me to check if I can open the http: // localhost: 59590 / metadata page (SgPro API HttpListener) with a browser on each of the computers. This page only opens on the computer where ModelCreator works with SGPro.
Martin wrote to me that if the SgPro API HttpListener page does not open on a computer, ModelCreator can not work with SGPro.

Why this page does not open on all computers?
How to make this page open on any computer?

thank you


An answer has been made to the 10Micron forum. In order for the SgPro API HttpListener page to appear, it is necessary to launch SGP in administrator mode.
With this setting, ModelCreator works with SGP.

Jean Pierre