Module Problem

I just updated to 2.3.12 and I’m experiencing a problem with the modules not populating/updating correctly. For example, after connecting my filter wheel the module didn’t show anything like which filter it was set to. I could set a filter from within the module and it would physically move, but the module still showed “unknown” When I clicked on the module menu arrow in the top right corner and chose “Filter Wheel Options” the control panel opened and suddenly the module populated. This same thing happened with the focus control module. No information was showing until I clicked on the module options and then the info populated.

I can send the log tomorrow but I wasn’t sure if it would have relevant info on this.

2.3.12 differs from 2.3.11 by about 5 lines of code. I can’t think of a
single thing that would cause that.

Well, this is a new install on a new computer so maybe the glitches just need to shake out.

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Disregard… this is a real problem that the install process introduced, not the code. Standby… new version coming up.