Moonlite controller connection problem

though i suspect this does not have to do with SGP, i wonder if someone here has seen this:

i just got a new moonlite controller for a 2nd system. when i hooked it up, it appeared at COM8, and is stable at that address across reboots. however, if i start SGP and ask it to connect to the moonlite controller, i get the error dialog saying the controller is not found. if i then ask for the ASCOM configuration dialog, it comes up and is connected to the controller; subsequently asking SGP to connect to the controller succeeds.

my other moonlite controller, while older, never exhibited this behavior.

is there something i need to do in the ASCOM browser to make this work without having to open the config dialog? i don’t think i have the FTDI drivers loaded, instead the default W10 driver has discovered the USB-serial adapter in the controller.



I don’t think so. I’m guessing you can reproduce this fairly easily? Might be worth sending a log over so we can see if there is a useful message returned from the connect failure.


i can reproduce it… i also found tonight that clicking connect fails the first time, but succeeds the second time. so it’s not necessarily that opening the config dialog fixes things.



i did a little more research - i’ll post the logs, but it all looks straightforward. the driver for the focuser reports “not connected” and SGP gets an exception. the log for the focuser itself shows the driver sending a serial command to the controller and not getting a response. it seems to give up after < 800mS and report that the focuser does not exist.

on the next try the controller responds to that first command in just a few milliseconds and everything works. so it seems like this is some kind of hardware or serial driver problem? i even tried setting the serial port to a different baud rate and nothing changed (the fact that it worked at a different baud rate is a little confusing, unless the controller has logic to detect baud rates…)


here are the logfiles, the 1st moonlite log corresponds with the first click of the “connect” button for the focuser, and the 2nd log, the 2nd.