Moravian CCD Drivers ASCOM versions V4.5 and 4.6

Last week I downloaded the new Gx/Cx USB camera driver v4.5 for ASCOM6. SGPdid not recognizethe camera and defaulted to the camera simulator. I then downloaded the Gx/Cx USB camera driver v4.6 for ASCOM Platform version 6. They also did not work. No camera connection, ASCOM simulator again. I did not upgrade to the latest SGP but I did upgrade ASCOM to the SP1 version.

Anyone with Moravian G1600 (not GII 1600) cameras? Any trouble with the new Moravian drivers?


Did you restart SGP between driver installs? If you open the Ascom Profile Explorer are the drivers shown there?


4.6 driver works great for me with a G3 16200.
Make sure you check your settings after the upgrade, Preflash, Num clear and max dT were all wrong for me after the upgrade.

Thanks, Xplode and Jared. I am now connected, but am also having problems with preflash. Not sure about Num clear or maxdT, but know that Xplode had problems with them gives me a clue of how to go forward.

Xplode, any hints? Do you make the adjustments in SGP?



Many thanks Xplore! Your help greatly appreciated.