Mosaic and framing wizard is not framing properly

I am stumped I have an asi2600mm which I previously did 2 or more panel mosaics just fine. All of a sudden I have the first frame not matching the image on the framing wizard for 2 recent mosaics. I have checked all the relevent areas for the sensor dimensions which are correct.


Does your camera angle match the angle that is set in the Framing and Mosaic Wizard? Looks like your angle was off to me.


angle 2177-2


The camera does not come off the telescope as it is in an observatory. All the settings seem to line up with what I have. I will test again weather permitting.

Are you using ASTAP as a solver? If so have you recently updated? The recent release changes the behavior when the image is flipped. Wonder if this is what you’re running into? We haven’t addressed it yet.