Mosaic bug

If i use the framing and mosaic wizard on M104 and then plate solve and click on target settings i get this.

This happens on windows 7 and 10.

I don’t understand exactly what you are doing. I think you lost me at plate solving after using the MFW on m104. I am not sure what that means. What are you plate solving?

I use the MFW to fetch images for targets i want to image.When i platesolve 104 and click target settings i get the error.I have had this happen with another image but cant remember which one.

Why are you plate solving MFW images? They are already solved… I’m not sure what misconception you have because your messages are extremely brief. Please take a little time and tell us what you are trying to do (and what you are doing). In case anyone else has similar misconceptions, I have disabled the plate solve option in 2.4.3 for MFW images.

Sorry,just had a friend explain to me how to use the MFW— User error.Thanks.