Mosaic Fail

This is my first planned mosaic, and I used Framing and Mosaic wizard to generate the sequence. I don’t have a rotator, but I was very careful in rotating my camera to the 110 degrees called out in the Wizard. After capturing 2 nights’ worth of data, the frames don’t line up like they should. What could I have done wrong?

Here’s a picture of what I wanted:

Here’s what I got:

Thanks for your help.

I figured out how to fix this. For some reason, if I set the angle of he camera to -110, or 70 (-110+180) everything aligns perfectly. So, why is this? Is it because I’m using a Hyperstar and it flips the image? I would think this would flip it by 180, not negate the angle. If anyone has an explanation, please share.


I figured out the problem. The problem is that in Mosaic Framing Wizard, I framed the mosaic using an un-flipped image. If I frame my mosaic using a flipped image, then my camera angle would end up being the negative of what it is in the un-flipped image. In other words, if I take my framed mosaic on the un-flipped image and transfer it as-is to the flipped image, the framing would be wrong, the frame would have to be rotated to the negative angle of the original frame in order for it to match.

There should be an option in Mosaic Framing Wizard to select mirrored image for those of us with mirrored image trains.