Mosaic overlap problem

i’m trying to do a mosaic yet i faced problems while capturing it i’ve set my overlap as 3 percent but while shooting the overlab was missed up because of sphere shape and rotation mechanism then i went to nina to adject my mosaic and it is solved there where it considers the spherical shape im currently on (v3.2.0.660) so is the new V have this problem solved or still not updated? and if not is there a minimum overlap should i consider in this case?

overlap 3%

real case overlap of the 3%

the difference of considering spherical element on mosaic both with 16% overlap (2 attachment with two software)


Are you using a rotator? I had this problem until I introduced a rotator to my system.

No without rotator, although it will solve the problem yet it should calculate the spherical projection instead of have it perfectly aligned frames side to side. I believe having a choice to pick from will solve it, like if u have rotator you will get this type of alignment and if you dont it will project the spherical effect on frames

The problem @a_alharbi97 is noting is a real one for very large mosaics and mosaics that are closer to a pole. We are certainly aware of the excessive overlap constraints ir can create in these situations and it is on our baclog to correct it (but we have no commitement date to give here)

I see. So, is there a recommendation for setting the minimum number of overlaps in that case? Or do I need to test till I find the best?

It is hard to give a general answer here that will work in all cases. The default is 20%, but in the case of very large mosaics this can cost a lot of time.