Mosaic problem

Hi, I have used the mosaic planning wizard for some years now but the two latest runs became strange.
I used the wizard to make a mosaic and captured all frames.
Stitching them shows that the panels are not positioned as intended.
I have the camera in a fixed position (no rotator).
A plate solve was done before using the mosaic tool.


I use version

I stitched an older run of mosaic panels which ended up perfect (to check the stitching software).

Any ideas what to check or do?


Is there any chance you didn’t have the box checked for it to slew and center (platesolve) rather than just slew to each panel?


I will check at next run, thanks


Looks to me like your fixed camera angle is 45 degrees off from your planned mosaic. I’d double-check that first.

This is almost certainly because the camera angle is not right. How did you make sure you were at the correct angle? You should either use the manual rotator to move your camera to the position at which the mosaic was created or the reverse and make sure that the mosaic is at the angle your camera is mounted at.

Hi, Entered pictures and checked in PS and it looks like 45 degrees.