Mosaic setup

I have been using SGP for a while adding features once I am used to all the others so I have been working on getting the mosaic setup for some wide field imaging this winter(here in the Southern Hemisphere).I got things working ok inside ie plate solve connection etc so I need some clear skies to get everything working,I have 1 question though. When you add the camera info and you get the chip size that gets transferred to the mosaic setup what happens if you use different telescopes to how the image gets framed.What I mean is if you want to image m42 on a 4 panel mosaic and are using a C11 the actual field of view will be vastly different if you use a redcat 51but the chip is the same size how do you account for this when setting things up.Sorry if I have missed something here. Thankyou I really appreciate your help Cheers

You would setup an equipment profile for each of your setups and then run the Framing and Mosaic Wizard selecting the profile that you want to create a sequence for.

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