Mosaic target/event order sequence

For a multi-panel mosaic created with the mosaic wizard, is it possible for SGP to take frames for each event and cycle to the next?
Example: a 4-panel mosaic creates 4 targets and in each target are red, green, blue events. I would like to take all the red frames of target 1 first then all red of target 2 next then 3 next and 4 next, then go to the next filter event of target 1 and repeat the cycle automatically. Currently it appears the only way is to have one event per target enabled then manually select the next event once the first completes its series of targets. I’d like to set it to automatically cycle.


No, not currently. It has been requested before though. Procedurally, SGPro will always finish a target before moving tot he next.

That would be a good feature request, IMO, especially for sessions where we can simply configure and start SGP and get some sleep afterwards while it’s running :slightly_smiling_face:


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