Mosaic Wizard - Resize Starting Frame

Hello together,

If I have the inititial image in the mosiaci wizard, I draw the initial frame for the region I want to capture. I can move and rotate that frame, but I found no way to resize.

I would like it very much, if I could do that. For following reason:

(If it is already implemented and I made something wrong - please let me know).

Case 1:
The result is a 3x3 mosaic, but if the capture region would be only slightly smaller a 2x2 mosaic would be sufficient.
-> I would like to shrink the capturing area (without redrawing the initial frame)

Case 2:
The result is a 3x3 mosaic, and the main target would be cropped by a 2x2 mosaic, but the single frames are overlapping much.
-> Now I would like to inrease the capturing area (without redraw the initial frame).

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Yes, this is easily done. If you have already drawn the rectangle, just tick the radio button for “Draw the target rectangle” and re-draw the rectangle.

Sorry I just re-read your post and you want to be able to shrink or extend the initial rectangle, without re-drawing? If that is the case I don’t think there is currently a way to do that.

Yes, I wanted to resize not to redraw.

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There is a “Camera Tiles” label at the bottom. I think that we allow manual input here in 2.5. This will allow resizing if you are not happy with the target area you selected or avoid the drawing process all together.

I’m going to revisit this issue. Ken, you can’t enter a “Camera Tiles” value at the bottom. The only way to resize the selection and the tiling is to try the selection again and hope you get it right. It would be a very valuable feature to be able to customize the selection and tiling with a resize. Resizing should also change the tiling as needed so that you can optimize the tiles. It would not be necessary to have dynamic retiling as you drag. It would be fine just to recalculate the tiles after the resize is complete. I was going to enter this as a feature request but found this thread.

I want to clarify this request a bit after having more experience with the product and rereading Ken’s statement for 2.5. In addition to being able to change the vertical and horizontal tile count it would be nice to be able to also change the percent overlap. These changes combined with being able to move the selection would allow easy fine tuning of the selection.

I don’t understand this addendum. This functionality already exists. Do you want to see it in some other fashion?

Sorry for the confusion. I see that you can change the percent in the current version so we are waiting on changing the number of tiles in 2.5?

Yes. You can tell where we have slotted items by the category it’s in. This on is in “2.5 Features”.