Mount disconnect

Hi, i’m julien,
i’m quite new with SGP but i used APT for a while before.
My setup is an EQ6 mount drive by EQMOD with APN and a 80ed or C8.

Here is my problem,
sometimes, mount disconnect from SGP but stay connected in EQMOD. When that appened, the button turn orange to grey in the sequencer. Autoguiding is still working and dithering too but the automatic flip is non working…

I use EQMOD V2.00J, PHD2 and the last version of SGP.

Does anyone already encountered this trouble?

Thank you!!

Do you get the same problem if you use the standard ASCOM driver for Synscan? When using SGP and platesolving to center, I found that I didn’t really need to use EQMOD any more.

Thank you for your answer,

I use direct connect for my mount and don’t use the Synscan anymore… You think i should connect from the hand controller to the computer instead of direct connect? Many of my firends use SGP in direct connect without any trouble. This problem doesn’t happened each time…it’s not easy to fix…