Mount disconnected before parking at shutdown - SGP

Sorry Ken…cannot find the reference you made not so long ago about different threads running different things and that a tweek you made for shutting down equipment (at end of sequence) would not cause a problem - someone asked would there be a possibility that the roof would close before the mount was parked.
Tonight I abandoned a sequence and all equipment disconnected as normal - even the dome went to park position and the shutter closed.
Problem is - the mount did not park - it disconnected first.
([12/07/19 00:00:12.636][DEBUG] [Telescope Thread] Failed to park because telescope is not connected!)
Park mount on sequence end is (as always) selected …it was just disconnected before the park instruction was given.
Log Link: Dropbox - File Deleted

Thx. This is addressed in versions greater than

Thanks Ken - Very fast - Glad you found something. :+1: