Mount Disconnects when moving from one target to another target


The issue just recently started. When the end time approaches on my target, SGPro correctly stops imaging the target and slews to the new target. At that point the link icon on the mount goes grey and it disconnects from the mount. One night I set an alarm and woke up and i could just reclick the mount link to link the mount back and continue the sequence. I am not sure why. I have changed the cable and USB port too, but I have been running SGPro successfully for years without this issue ever happening.

Any advise would be appreciated!


Link to Logs

Approx time of issue: 4/24/2024 3:36 AM

Useful Info

OS: Microsoft Windows 11 Pro
.NET: 4.8

So i stayed up with it last night. The Link icon turns grey almost randomly. PHD2 stays connected and SGPro sends dither commands to PHD2 which will dither and keep guiding. Then when SGPro needs to slew or meridian flip since the link has turned grey it aborts the sequence. I’m going to order another cable and try that but if PHD2 stays connected and EQMOD stays connected I don’t think it is a cable issue. It is like SGPro is just randomly disconnecting itself form EQMOD now.

I think I narrowed it down to EQMOD controlling the mount that SGPro is linked to. I used GreenSwampServer and the issue went away. I guess the last windows update was one too many for the old EQMOD.