Mount not responding to "center"

I have a Sirius EQ-G mount and synscan hand controller connected with a serial adapter.
When plate solving with the coordinates acquired using Frame and Focus, it slews to the coordinates but as it goes through the centering process, the error values don’t change. I can see that the mount is not moving after each plate solve capture. After finding a match and completing 5 failures (my limit), it states “successfully completed”. The captured pic hasn’t changed. The errors are around 10,000 px.

We’re due for lots of clouds here in southern CO so I probably won’t be able to trouble shoot at night for awhile. Is there any way I can trouble shoot plate solving during the daylight hours?

Hi there - it is difficult to tell without knowing your settings. For instance, are you using the standard ASCOM driver for SkyWatcher or EQMOD?

You can use an image that you have taken with the setup to validate that the plate solver is working correctly but unfortunately there isn’t a great way to validate the Centering process during daylight hours.


Turns out my alignment was way off. I must have selected the wrong star.
After correcting the alignment the centering worked perfectly.

One thing to look out for is performing a sync when pointed at the pole. This is pretty problematic for GEMs in the same manner that the zenith is difficult for an alt/az mount (aka Dobson’a Hole).

Glad you got it sorted.

I am working with the Whirlpool galaxy. I wasn’t able to sync with the control panel “Solve and Sync”.
Is it like PHD calibration where you need to be closer to the celestial equator?

For the most part you just want to be “away” from the pole. A degree or so is likely even sufficient. And no, you should be able to sync basically anywhere except for the pole.