Mount Position Error

We have been having issues with our Paramount MX+ at a remote site. The issue is probably hardware (dec home sensor cable most likely - we are working on getting it fixed) where the mount is about 12 degrees off in dec. This causes the mount to report it is way off from the plate solve position (plate solve is correct) and results in the following message:

2020-08-26 21_31_06-Window

This can be bypassed if one is watching but when one is not (like the nearly-every-night mid-night flip) it simply goes into recovery mode from which it cannot recover.

I know this particular situation is not common but I can think of lots of other causes where one would like to be able to ignore this error.

Could another check box be added to the effect “believe the plate solve and move on” as well as “always do this for this target”?

That is a timed dialog and will close in 60 seconds if no one interacts with it. In your case things should just move forward.


Bill, My MX sensor appeared to go awry last year (RA). I swapped it with the DEC one. To my surprise they then both worked. It must have been a connector issue. You cannot just buy the sensor board BTW but the entire board/ wire assy. :slightly_frowning_face: